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March 12th, 2011

Streets are flooded after a tsunami and earthquake in Kesennuma city

What devastating news to wake up to this morning. Today, March 9th, 2011 an 8.9 earthquake, followed by a massive tsunami hit Japan.

As the global community we have grown into, concerned citizens all over the world sought out social media tools and websites to help, donate and provide their various professional expertise as aid relief volunteers. Wondering what you can do? Check out this growing list of organizations and website tools to offer your help!

Although the American Red Cross already has volunteer groups on the ground, but they need loads of donations to make these efforts worthwhile. Head to their website to learn how to donate, or quickly make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999.

Donate to Save the Children – an organization that focuses on the welfare of all children throughout the world. They have set up a fund specifically for the Tsunami/Earthquake Emergency.

Global Giving has also set-up a fund specifically for relief efforts in Japan to raise for money for 5 amazing organizations working in Japan right now. In the 18 hours the page has been set-up, over 2200 donations have been made totaling more than $92,000 have already been raised. BUT they still need more than $50,000 to reach their fundraising goal.

More of the hands-on type of volunteer? Check out International Medical Corps which has lots of available volunteer opportunities on the ground for all sorts of skills.

GlobalMedic also headed to Japan this morning and is always looking for volunteers both in the field and covering the positions at home. They haven’t put together a web page yet for their efforts, but call Steve Kepka 416-916-0522.

OR keep up-to-date on the efforts of Doctor’s Without Borders, as they publish hourly information on their relief and emergency progress. AND Google’s amazing Crisis Response tool which can help you track down a loved one in Japan, learn more about the effects of the quake or if you are in Japan and have information to share.

Want to know about emergency relief efforts? Watch this piece on GlobalMedic creator Rahul Singh:

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