March 10th, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

It’s that time of the week again, where we gather together all the news, awesome volunteer opportunities, success stories and things we just think are plain fabulous and stick them all in one convenient location for you! If you’d like to become a contributor – or have some news you want to pass along, send Caitie, our communications gal, an email at!

Virtual Volunteering is something that we like to promote around here at – and many of our users are always asking how to use virtual volunteers in their organization! There are many great ways to use virtual volunteers, such as having them design a new logo for your organization, or keep website content up to date!

Check out this article we posted from the TAVA conference we attended, to learn more about virtual volunteering, or the UN Online Volunteering website offers many great tips on how to get you started with introducing virtual volunteers into your organization.

TED talks are always great and this one by Dave Eggers is inspiring. If you have some free time, check it out.

Event volunteering is also something that has become very popular amongst Canadian volunteers. You get the opportunity to be a part of a major event for an organization, without having to devote a large amount of time. This opportunity for Planet in Focus in Toronto is pretty cool. On top of volunteering you also receive a bunch of Festival freebies.The Edmonton Heritage Festival is also in need of volunteers for their upcoming event! We’ve got loads more like those opportunities, so please send Caitie an email if you want us to track down one that’s specific for you!

And just to help you end this Friday on a high note, read this awesome volunteer success story!

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