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April 18th, 2012

How to Get Involved this Earth Day (Sunday, April 22nd).

Spring flowers in a beautiful pink color.Spring has sprung, the flowers have begun to bloom and the last few sunny days have put to rest any fears that the snow may come out to play again. Longer days mean more time to enjoy the outdoors too – whether it be catching some rays in your own backyard oasis, a local pub patio, or stylish balcony. So what better time than to celebrate the outdoors – and remind ourselves that if we don’t cherish, support and keep clean the nature around us, it won’t be around for ever.


Earth Day is now a global initiative with more than 500 million people in over 180 countries staging events and starting up projects to address local environment issues. Participating can be as easy talking to your kids about the importance of our environment, implementing a recycling program in your office or sharing some drinks with your local environmental councilors.

Teaching your kids about Earth Day is made super easy by the toolkits, games and pdfs that are out there. Check out the Eco-Action Team website for An image of the Earth with trees and grassguides to making your home and cottage more environmentally friendly, or head to EcoKids to find fun games, quizzes and articles to get your kids involved.

Heading down to a local Earth Day event is also a great way to learn more and support local initiatives. This site has event listings for all over Canada, but here are just a few happening in Toronto – you’ll see that there’s something for everyone!

The Bridlewood Mall is handing out free daisy starter kits all day on Saturday.

The Projection Booth is hosting a double bill of sci-fi cautionary environmental tales: “Silent Running” and “Godzilla VS the Smog Monster”. Your $12 ticket also gets you complimentary cocktails before the show. Partial ticket sales go to support the David Suzuki Foundation.

The perfect family outing can be found at Evergreen Brickworks on Saturday – with everything you need to get your green on – a Farmer’s Market, organic cooking lessons, public tree planting session and a live book reading.

An image of Toronto's Brickworks

Or strap on your dancing shoes and head 1000 ft up. Horizon’s the CN Tower bar is hosting a Green Drink party, as part of their Earth Week celebrations, this Thursday. Chat with some local MPs about green initiatives and hang with some very influential environmental folk.

Or perhaps you are interested in finding some volunteer opportunities with an environment focused organization. We’d love to help you out with that! Just send our communication manager, Caitie an email at – and she will find you an opportunity that fits your interests.

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