Volunteer Opportunity

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Action Groups


Areas of Interest:

Social Services & Justice

  • Abuse
  • Community Development
  • Human Rights


  • Climate Change
  • Conservation
  • Going Green

Youth & Education

  • Skills Development

Skills and Expertise:

  • General Administration
  • Outreach
  • Writing & Research

About this Opportunity:

Be a part of WPIRG by working with an action group! Our Action Groups are organized around various issues of social justice and environmental action. Get involved and learn group facilitation and consensus decision-making techniques, Internet & computer skills, research methods, and community organizing skills.

WPIRG is a volunteer-driven organization. People from all walks of life are involved in our projects and programming. You need no prior experience to volunteer. WPIRG offers the opportunity to gain a wide variety of skills, work for meaningful social change, and have fun.

What Role Do Action Groups Play at WPIRG?
Action groups are the core of WPIRG and the most common way volunteers get involved. They are essentially a collective of volunteers who organize around a specific issue, campaign or initiative (they include anywhere from 5-50 people). Groups have the support of WPIRG staff and board members when needed for such things as project support, visioning, outreach and much more.

Volunteers share responsibilities and decisions equally by using consensus decision-making. Action groups receive funding from WPIRG and use the WPIRG office for many of their activities. Each action group gets a write-up in the WPIRG website and staff try to recruit new members to the group throughout the year.

You will have access to WPIRG’s many resources: phone, fax machine, printer, button maker, an alternative resource library, computers with Internet access, web space, mailing lists, and meeting space at the WPIRG office. We are committed to using wheelchair accessible spaces for all events and meetings. If you need access to any other accessibility tools, please let us know by either visiting us in the office, giving us a call (888-4882) or emailing us at info @ wpirg. org.

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